Welcome to Samanthia

Samanthia is a world ruled by a precocious little Princess, Samantha.
It is the world that I and her Mother live in every day...and where we are mere subjects to her Rules and Laws.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Laws of Samanthia

1. All things belong to Samantha. Her things. Your things. My things.

2. Books are to be read...continuously...until they "disappear".

3. Momma and Daddy must be accounted for at all times...as must all babies, pretend or not.

4. Sleep will come wherever she chooses...the stranger the spot, the better.

5. No drink will go without being tested by Samantha.
5a. This also goes for any and all food.

6. Feet are to be covered when blankets are involved. Until they are, their presence will be acknowledged repeatedly.

7. Shoes are to be chosen by Samantha and worn at her discretion - and on which feet is up to her.

8. Buggies are to be killed. Dead.

9. Dog food really doesn't taste that bad.

10. Any surface is to be scaled to it's highest peak.

11. Refrigerators are meant to be raided - any time of night. It acceptable to climb in to said refrigerator if a more thorough search is necessary. 

12. Wendy's french fries trump all foods.

13. Hugs and kisses undo all transgressions.

14. Baths are fine...as long as no hair washing be involved.

15. Daddy cannot start his day without his "eyes" ( glasses ). Once those "eyes" are donned, he must immediately be prepared for any and everything.

16. No bookmark is to remain inside a book.

This drink used to be Momma's. 
And until I see more fries...she ain't gettin' it back.

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  1. Doug I am so happy to read this blog. It shows your happiness as a daddy and family man and those things mean so much to us in our house so I can really relate. Love you friend and I will be reading your blog!