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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things You & Your Daughter Should Know

I am in no way any kind of expert on raising kids. Like everyone else, I do my best and will continue to do so. The following are just some things that I have already instilled in my own Daughter, Samantha...and some things that I have already begun to learn and accept.

First thing I have accepted, is that she will now an forever melt my heart any time she chooses. That is first and foremost. Now, on to what I hope every Father would instill in his beautiful baby girl...and himself.

- Tell her from day one that she can accomplish ANYTHING.
- Mom will show her how to bake the cookies. Dad will show her the proper way to dunk them.
- Mom can introduce her to Beethoven, etc. Dad can introduce her to the Beatles, Prince and Michael.
- Encourage her to walk barefoot.
- Do not be afraid to let her shape you as much as you shape her.
- Read to her as often as possible. Soon enough, she will read to you.
- Give her a picture of the two of you for her first purse. If you're lucky, she will keep it forever.
- Play catch with her. Often. Even if the ball is covered in glitter.
- Dance with her early and often. She will never bee too young or too old. I promise.
- Encourage stomping in puddles.
- Ask about her day...every day.
- Keep her secrets early. let her start off trusting men.
- Write this one down: Girls cry...a lot.
- Show her how to play poker.
- Let her teach you. Anything. Whenever she has the urge.
- Teach her never to be afraid of boys...but always be ready to challenge them.
- Show her how to climb a tree...and how to climb back down.
- Teach her to take pride in herself.
- Always respect not only her privacy, but her modesty.
- Show her how a right cross is thrown. Boys need to be backed down from time to time.
- Never let her be rude...to ANYONE.
- Take her drawings to work with you. All the good stuff doesn't need to stay on the fridge.
- Make sure she can reach you 24 hours a day.
- Teach her to be kind to everyone, even the kid that no one likes.

As she gets older, there are going to be so many more things to teach, learn from and instill. But I think I have a good start. Good luck, Dads. We all need it from time to time.

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