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Samanthia is a world ruled by a precocious little Princess, Samantha.
It is the world that I and her Mother live in every day...and where we are mere subjects to her Rules and Laws.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Love, Sam

If I set out on adventure intent to discover,
the world’s most brilliant and beautiful, beguiling mother
I’d have to travel the world, search far and wide.
Comb every crevice, from every long side.
I’d inspect all the islands and browse all the beaches,
then follow the coastline as far as it reaches.
I’d forage the forests and climb every tree,
But the best mom I’d find is the one who made me.

Other moms are all just rivers,
My Mommy - an ocean.
Other moms stand still,
My Mommy - always in motion.

Other moms are good,
My Mommy - she's great.
Other moms are only sixes,
Mine’s a ten, nine and eight.

A super star specimen, the cream of the crop,
In a pile of Moms I'd find mine at the top.
My Mommy brought me to this world so I’m alive and breathing,
She's helped me out with everything from walking to teething.
She teaches me all of the things that I will need to know,
She sings with me, laughs with me, and watches me grow.
We start out at the park and then head to the zoo,
My mommy always plans so many things for us to do.

Other moms are pogo sticks,
My Mommy - a car.
Other moms are small planets,
My Mommy - a star.

Other moms are rolling hills,
My Mommy - a mountain.
Other moms are shallow pools,
My Mommy - a fountain.

She’s a big bowl of ice cream, with nuts and a cherry,
hot caramel, whipped cream and lots of strawberries;
bananas and sprinkles, and a striped candy strawfull,
of chocolate and tiny baked pieces of waffle.
Each and every bite is so amazingly yummy,
and none of it is leaving any ache in my tummy.

Other moms are daisies,
My Mommy - a rose.
Other moms are nostrils,
My Mommy - the nose.

Other moms are waiters,
My Mommy - the cook.
Other moms are pictures,
My Mommy - the book.

My Mommy is the best around, there isn’t any doubt,
So excuse me if I take a whisper and make it a shout.
I want to scream it loud enough so everyone hears,
my enthusiastic "I’m so proud, I love you Mommy" cheers.
I didn’t mean to make you sad by telling you the facts.
I hope you can just sit right down, accept them and relax.

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