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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost 2 and Amazing

With Sam's 2nd Birthday approaching ( July 21st ), I find myself sitting and wondering where the time went...and how did she become the wonderful little girl she is so fast? Every day she amazes me with stuff she has been doing for quite some time...and a new trick or two thrown in for good measure.

Tonight, for example. Lana was about to vacuum her room, and as soon as Sam saw the vacuum, she immediately started picking things up off of the floor. No provocation, no prodding...and no mention of the vacuum at all. Just instinctively began making way for what was about to be done. Toys up, pillows up and Sammy up on the couch. Amazing to me. I know grown folk that don't have that in them...and my about-to-be-two-year-old just has it in her nature. I love it...let's hope it sticks.

Her potty training is all but completely done. other than some accidents due to being too busy to notcie having to "go", it is all there. She knows to go, what to do when she is done and even waves "bye-bye" to the potties when they go "down the hole". Even when an accident does happen, she takes off her pants and underpants and puts them right in her hamper - sometimes with provocation, but generally on her own. Her Mother's early start on that ( which was very early ) is something she ( Lana ) has caught some grief for lately and I hate that she has had to be made to feel like she is forcing Sam to do something she might not be ready for. Sammy loves the praise and the "big girl" feeling of climbing up on the toilet and doing her thing...and I couldn't be more proud of her. Besides, does this look like a girl being forced to potty?:

I didn't think so.

Her manners never cease to amaze me, either. One of us sneezes, "bless you, Momma" and "bless you, Daddy" come naturally. She accidentally jumps too hard on us or swings something in our direction and gets an "ow" out of us and "sorry, Daddy", "sorry, Momma" is the immediate response ( generally right before jumping again ). She asks for a drink and first comes "peese" followed by a "thank you, Momma". Her Great Grandmother would be so proud. My Grandmother taught me that above all else: manners mean everything. Sam has the most refreshing understanding of that - without them being beaten in to her head. Again, I know grown folk that haven't said "please" or "thank you" since their Mothers forced them to.

She gladly helps with setting the table, handing out our seating assignments and doing the dishes. To the point of being upset if she can't. She has even been enlisted to help prepare ( at her insistence ):

It beats making sneakers for Nike.

The fact that she only used a sippy cup for 2 days is beyond me. We started with shot glasses ( you heard what I said ) and she was on to regular "Mommy/Daddy" glasses in no time. She now goes between regular sized glasses and miniature glasses of the same type....but I think we still have those just because they're cute to watch her drink from.

Letting the dog in and out has been her "job" for as long as I can remember. Her clapping her hands together and beckoning with a "come here dodie ( doggie )" to get Jezebel inside tickles me every time I see it. Her attention to the dog, what she needs and where she is, is something I hope she keeps with her when it is time to have her own ( and her own kids as well ).

As much as I could go on about how quickly she has taken to things and how her development is astounding me...I will just end here with a thought: With her about to be 2...and knowing what "they" say about that age...I can't imagine it being all that terrible at all. Bring it on, I can't wait to meet Sammy every day.

Also good to know, that with all of her manners, knowledge and abilities in her about-to-be 2 years...she is still prone to this:

The new "Unknown Comic"

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