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Samanthia is a world ruled by a precocious little Princess, Samantha.
It is the world that I and her Mother live in every day...and where we are mere subjects to her Rules and Laws.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daddy's "Eyes"

I woke up this morning to Sam quietly play with a new ball she got for her Birthday from a friend...slowly approaching me, it would seem, to attack at the right moment. She didn't get the chance, but as soon as she realized I was awake, she started to frantically search the surrounding area and got a bit upset. She needed Daddy to have his glasses before he could be deemed officially awake...and she wouldn't stop until she found them. She did find them ( like she always does )...and all was better. My day was allowed to start.

Thank you, Sammy, for finding my "eyes".

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